Onili Rhymes- Dangerous- Official video

Directed by Kobie Flashman

Original song by Busta Rhymes (Written-By -- F. Stonewall*, H. Stone*, R. Smith*, T-Smith)
Used with the permission of EMI.

Sentimental - special video edit, feat. Obama...

Video by onili and Boaz aquino.
with the precious help of Haim Kairy and Eli ben david.

Charlie- New song , work in progress.

My new direction...

click on any bunny.. be somebunny preview

Live live live

I like my hair in Texas 
 SWSX 2011

DJ Amir Egozy & Onili

Egozy and  Onili used to collaborate every month @ Shessek Bar, in Tel aviv. 2008- 2012

Like a mini Lab for ideas & improvisation, we explore all kinds of music, from Trip hop to Techno, through hip hop , dubstep... Jazz...
Egozy Plays Beats, and I sing& rap with my Kaoss Pad, only impro... 

Shesek is the mothership of Tel-aviv's electronic music scene, curated by Amir Egozy, it's a must check if you are in Tel-aviv.
Shesek Bar- Lilinblum 17, Tel-aviv. Israel

New tune in the Making- Charlie

Waiting for Barak to upload the drums part :))

EPK = Electronic Press Kit

A 2011 EPK, I was still with Barak at that time.. right now I live in Boston, and am moving forward with other musicians. Still lots of info in here.

Tube boy


SXSW 2011- Flyer

This was our second SXSW, amazing experience, again, this festival is a huge Bordel. we <3 it!!

Onili & the girls


Pictures by the sweet
Royco:  Photogandist.com

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